Dane Flanigan is a California-licensed real estate broker with a background in development and project management in both commercial and residential real estate.



The Thought



Real estate is an epicenter of what we do everyday it’s a part of business, life, fun and family. We have to respect it, embrace and know everything we can.


We are all impacted by the supply and demand cycles of real estate. Location is always a must, the price dictates the perception,  the condition and how it is maintained is a mitigating factor and the way we market it creates sensationalism or a  lack thereof.



The Future

The vision in real estate is to see where things are going, there has to be an ability to capitalize on the current opportunity or the hindsight for patience.  In every project, there is the beauty of the past and the building blocks of what can be created.


There is a passion for being a part of a great team and creating a world class venue with one of the world’s best cocktails programs,  augmented by delicious food. I am very glad to be a part of Ebanos Crossing and the team.

Ebanos Crossing



Every project needs energy, the ability to build and make the most out of what is around us.






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